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OTLM sensor:

The sensor measures: current, temperature, inclination (for sag, clearance, icing and de-icing) and ambient temperature with humidity of power lines simultaneously. Tension forces are calculated from the sag measurement. Temperature is measured directly at sensor fixing points on the phase conductor. Measurements are transmitted to the dedicated server via available network (options: mobile – SIM card, LoRa, WiFi or satellite) with the exact GPS time stamp. The harvester within the sensor provides power supply for operation without any other outside source of power supply. Housing is made of fire-resistant material for heavy ambient conditions. In case of communication failure, measurements are stored locally in the sensor (last 10.000 measurements). The sensor can be installed on the conductor with a diameter from 15,00 mm and up to 45,00 mm. The sensor can be installed on a voltage level up to 500 kV. The sensor has a built-in GPS sensor that is used to locate the installed sensor as well as time synchronization. OTLM sensors are provided with all needed installation tools.


Software LiMa:

LiMa View (Line Management software) is a web-based software developed to track, save and analyse measured data. LiMa can be connected to SCADA in a dispatch centre via IEC 60870-5-104 (slave), or via web services. The software for monitoring, rating, adjusting, alerting and predicting includes two direction communications (server-OTLM) and real-time review (analyses) of all OTLM system measurements (numerical or chart).

  • OTLM sensor status (on – offline)
  • Sensor last measurement OTLM sensor location (map)
  • Conductor temperature (with alarm status, T>, T>>)
  • Ampacity and Ampacity prediction
  • Weather data
  • History
  • Export (Excel, pdf)
  • Sag, clearance (with alarm status)
  • Icing, de-icing
  • Conductor forces
  • Adjustable view – widgets
  • Reporting
  • Administration
  • Widgets


Possible communication:

  • Mobile communication (SIM card) –  OTLM sensor can send the measurement to the predefined server (because of security LiMa software is required). The utility can start hosting with OTLM server and later decide to use their server (changing where to send measurement is done remotely).
  • LoRa – LoRa (Long Range)  is used as a “bridge” in case one or more sensors doesn’t have mobile signal.
  • WiFi  – OTLM sensors sends data to the cabinet on the tower.
  • Satellite

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