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Utilities are under continuous pressure for optimizing the performance of the network and to reduce costs (OPEX & CAPEX) while enhancing or maintaining the availability and reliability. Managing OH transmission lines with OTLM system have many benefits besides monitoring and operation, it can be used for maintenance optimization, optimization of energy transfer – dynamic line rating (DLR), and maintenance. Monitoring systems help utilities not to overload OH transmission lines and at another time when weather conditions are favourable and if required, they can add additional load to existing lines, without jeopardizing the safety of the OH transmission line operating regulations or the need to build new lines.


One of our study shows the following OHL capacity:

  • In summer – they could rise current for 30% (80% of the time)
  • Winter – they could rise 10% of current (90 % of the time) Wintertime – current higher than static rating – 2 % of the time

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