OTLM Center software

The OTLM Centre is a web application developed to track, save and analyse measured data. The OTLM Centre can be connected to SCADA in a dispatch centre via IEC 60870-5-104 (slave), or via web services. The software for monitoring, rating, adjusting, alerting and predicting includes two direction communications (server-OTLM) and real-time review (analyses) of all OTLM system measurements (numerical or chart).

OTLM Center web application features:

  • Device status (on/off)
  • Adjustable warning status of conductor on OHL (T>)
  • Adjustable alarm status of conductor on OHL (T>>)
  • Sag, clearance, icing measurements
  • Setting of all OTLM parameters
  • Remote access
  • GPS position with the exact time stamp for all OTLM devices
  • Measured data
  • History data analyses
  • Report/import history data (.png., jpeg., gif, Excel)
  • Administrator service tools (adding new OTLM reports, etc.)
  • Different access levels
  • Easy user access via Web browser (service)
  • Connection or integration of weather data
  • Ampacity (ampacity prediction)
  • Alerting for icing
  • Pictures from camera
  • Connection to SCADA


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