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Company OTLM d.o.o.

The company OTLM d.o.o. specializes in the development and production of innovative systems for monitoring and rating of overhead lines. In addition to measurements and rating, the company’s main objective is line management. OTLM d.o.o. was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Line Management

The OTLM story began in 2004. “We started to develop the system for overhead line monitoring. At the begging, we only had an idea, but that idea was bigger and more tangible. Since then the system and development progressed through different phases and even names – from TMT to OTLM (Overhead Transmission Line Monitoring),” Matej Kovac (one of the Managing Director) states.

In 2009, the development and marketing was taken one step further by establishing the company OTLM d.o.o.. At the beginning the goal was simple: producing a device that withstands all environmental conditions and delivers data of conductor temperature to the server. Since then the system went through different phases and now the temperature is only one part of the measurements and monitoring. Today the company’s system supports the more efficient operation of overhead transmission lines (OHL) by enhancing safety and flexibility of grid operations. It aids in flexible and profitable operation of assets.

OTLM d.o.o. is owned by C&G d.o.o., Ljubljana and since 2018 by Knill Gruppe, headquartered in Weiz. With this ownership OTLM d.o.o. disposes of an international know-how and resource network. As everywhere it is being invested into energy, communication or mobility infrastructure, products and systems of Knill Gruppe can be found.


From the idea to the system

Real time monitoring and rating
for more ampacity, safety and transparency
of overhead transmission lines.


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