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OTLM system is a system solution for monitoring and rating of overhead lines based on real- time monitoring of conductor temperature, load, sag (clearance), and weather conditions. OTLM system supports more efficient operation of OHLs by enhancing safety and flexibility of grid operations. The system enables safe utilisation of maximum OHL capacity (ampacity) while taking into account weather and load conditions. The system delivers measuremenets of conductor conditions (temperature, sag – clearance, icing detection and calculated ampacity). OTLM Center (server software) supports dynamic line rating of OHLs which can be included in the existing SCADA system.


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  • development is focused on customer requirements
  • our goal is to measure as much as possible and to calculate as little as possible
  • connectivity with or integration of other systems
  • alerting before critical load, sag or ice
  • continuous data analyses of overhead line
  • part of Knill Gruppe (Mosdorfer GmbH) and C&G d.o.o. Ljubljana