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Engineering solutions for reliable future OTLM REAL TIME MONITORING AND REATING

OTLM company

OTLM Company was established in 2009 as a specialized company for development and production of systems for monitoring of overhead lines.


More efficient and safe operation of overhead lines is main objective of the company. Overhead Transmission Line Monitoring System (OTLM) is developed and produced to monitor temperature with aim to support real time rating operation of OHL.


The company will develop products and services with higher added value. In the area of specialised products for monitoring temperature of overhead transmission and distribution lines the company will become one of the leading producers on the international market.

Strategic Objectives

The electric utility industry is restructuring itself from regulated environment to operation under competitive wholesale. However Transmission & Distribution system remain regulated entities that connect deregulated generation to the end costumer. The pace of T&D investment has lagged behind the rate of load growth and generating capacity additions in many countries due to public, regulatory, environmental and financial obstacles to the construction of new T&D facilities. This results in saturation of many OHL reaching critical values of ampacity and sag. OTLM system helps operators with real time data on critical spans of OHL, supports real time rating of OHL and is essential for upgrading of saturated OHL.

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General manager: Marko Gabrovšek