System benefits

The provision of additional capacities of transmission lines and the supervision of thermal loading of a phase conductor have become a serious problem that transmission companies have to face due to the trend of increased consumption and inter-state electricity exchange. One of the decisive factors for smooth and reliable operation of transmission lines is the provision of operation of an overhead line within the limits of the thermal loading of the phase conductor. Due to the control of the permitted thermal loading of overhead transmission lines already being exploited an operator of the transmission network shall carry out continuous capture of measurements of the conductor temperature, measurements of climate conditions in the immediate vicinity of the lines. On the basis of the data captured and processed the operator of the transmission network may optimise and determine the operation mode of transmission lines. The number and position of measuring points on the lines are determined by the factors as: length of the line, geographical situation, climate (meteorological) conditions, geo-mechanical and hydrological conditions of the land, crossing of different supply lines and traffic routes, value and quality of the GSM signal, etc.

OTLM System benefits:

OTLM System benefits

  • Ampacity
  • Direct measurement of temperature, current and sag
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Installation of the OTLM on any diameter of OHLline
  • User friendly software
  • Connection to SCADA or other system with standardised IECprotocol
  • GPSposition
  • Two-stage alarm sendinginterval, triggeredby temperatureof theconductor (T> andT»)
  • Multiple communication protocol:GSM/UMTS, GPRS, 3G, Optics (OPGW)
  • Data logging