• Safe utilisation of overhead lines

  • Optimise energy flow

  • For new and existing overhead lines

  • Safety - Ampacity

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OTLM (Overhead Transmission Line Monitoring) Get more Ampacity and Safety of new and existing Overhead lines with OTLM system. OTLM system is developed and produced in Slovenia (EU)


Visit us in France (Paris)  from Monday 22.8. – Friday 26.08.2016 (CIGRE 2016)- Our stand number is 257

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OTLM latest development: We added the following measurements: sag, current, temperature, etc.                                         Latest development


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C&G d.o.o.Ljubljana


Office address: OTLM d.o.o. Riharjeva ulica 38, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Phone: +386 (1) 236 42 40 Fax: +386 (1) 283 40 25 email: info@otlm.si